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New Construction / Renovations / and More


Our construction/field crew members are dedicated to providing you with with the highest quality service, and products.  

  • Thursday Pools  -  Fiberglass inground pools

  • Pentair  -  Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Lights,  Automatic Pool Vacuums,  Chlorine Generators (Salt Systems)

  • Merlin  -  Inground pool liners & Winter Safety Covers

  • SRSmith  -  Slides/Diving Boards/Basketball/Volleyball

  • Kelly Coatings  -  Pool Paint and Deck Paint

  • CoverStar  -  Automatic Pool Covers for inground pools

  • Rocky's Reels  -  Solar Reels for inground pools

  • GLB  -  Pool Chemicals

Volleyball Fun - Pool Time
Goliath 3
Goliath 1
Titus 3
Wellspring 1
Wellspring 2
Neptune Pools - Joliet IL
Neptune Pools - Joliet IL
Family Fun - Pool Time

We also offer....

  • Inground pool construction - Fiberglass pools by Thursday Pools

  • Electronic inground pool plumbing leak detection & repair  

                  - some have defined our method as "pinpoint accurate"

  • Inground liner leak detection & repair

  • Inground pool liners

  • Inground pool renovations

  • Inground pool deck repairs / renovations

  • Inground pool Openings & Closings

  • Financing link for inground pool construction/renovations ~



  • Plus much more...

 If you don't see what you're looking for on this page,

just stop in or give us a call  ~  We probably do that too

or can find it for you ~ and we are always happy to assist you!

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