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Whether you are looking to create/re-create your own backyard paradise vacation spot , or you are in need  of a one-time inground pool repair, or simply some guidance throughout the season with pool/spa products  & supplies - we are here to help you every step of the way.


Understanding the products that you use to maintain your pool/spa is key to keeping it clean and protecting it through the years.   Our staff members are well trained and knowledgeable.  We are pool professionals, not sales associates.  You can rely on us to answer your questions and advise you on the best method and product to address your pool/spa care needs.



     Peggy  -  Into her 8th season with us, through hard work and dedication has now become the General manager of our retail store.

Over the years she has gotten to know her customers by name and seen many children grow up, get married or start families as well as some retiring, or becoming grand-parents!

It's almost like an extended family of sorts

She loves seeing her  customers coming through the door for another season of easy pool care.  Listening to stories of the fun with family and friends they enjoy with less work taking care of their pool/spa.

She also takes pride in being able to teach new or seasoned pool owners a few ideas about pool care that will minimise working on water chemistry so they can enjoy their pool/spa all summer.



Sophina - Now in her second season with Neptune Pools,  has taken on the role of office manager. 

She also works on the retail side helping customers keep their pool water sparkling all summer. Whether it's a new customer or one that has come to Neptune for many years she enjoys getting to know each and every one that comes through the door.

 The best part of working at Neptune is when a customer comes in and she is able to help them resolve an issue with their pool/spa water. 


     Mark  -  With almost 50 years in the pool & spa industry, Mark has accumulated the knowledge, experience and attention to detail that every customer wants when deciding to make their dream come true with an inground pool.  He is just as diligent when helping a customer make an equipment repair, or pool renovation.

     He takes pride in the work that Neptune Pools does for customers, and personally trains the employees that are on your job.

     Mark maintains his Certificate of Achievement with the state by completing the IL Swimming Facility Prequalification Training and keeping it up to date.  He is a Prequalified Illinois Swimming Facility Contractor.  This is good news for all the commercial pools in the area.




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